Blessed Virgin, Unconsumed,
I long to enter the Overshadowing Fire,
The Flame which burns more brightly than the Seraphim.
Be with me, I pray,
As you were with the Church at Pentecost,
That by your prayers and intercessions
I may be made a holocaust
On the altar of Him who burns with love for us.


About Joshua Michael

Writer. Catholic. Fan of John Henry Newman and the Inklings.
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4 Responses to Unconsumed

  1. Matt says:

    Did you compose this? It is beautiful!

    • Yes. Thank you.

      I wrote it around the time I became Catholic, and pray it before receiving the Eucharist.

      • Matt says:

        It is absolutely beautiful. I can see the influence of some mythopoeia, can’t I? 🙂

      • Quite likely considering the amount of Lewis, Tolkien, and Charles Williams I’ve absorbed over the years. 🙂

        The immediate occasion of the composition was reading a text from one of the Fathers describing Mary as the burning bush. I don’t remember for sure, but I think it was either Saint Ephrem the Syrian or Gregory of Nyssa.

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