Things that bug me

Conservative Catholics complaining about “social justice.”
Come on people, the term was invented to describe Catholic doctrine!

Ultra-Orthodox apologists who consider Augustine’s theology the “original sin” of Western Christianity
Umm… He’s a Saint and Father in your communion too.

Fundamentalists who’ve decided they might as well interpret the US Constitution in a fundamentalist way too
Never mind the implication of divine inspiration.

Reformed Christians who complain about “baptistic” novelties
Pot. Kettle.

Baptist bishops
It’s not that I mind the bishops. That’s cool. But it’s a bit like saying “Papist congregationalist.” These two things do not go together.

About Joshua Michael

Writer. Catholic. Fan of John Henry Newman and the Inklings.
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One Response to Things that bug me

  1. HA! On reformed Christians going on about baptistic novelities. And I’m amused at how Orthodox Christians can take on a few sentences goes on and on and on.

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