Fr. Groeschel on Liberalism/Conservatism

“I used to be a liberal, if liberal means concern for the other guy,” Father Groeschel said. “Now I consider myself a conservative-liberal-traditional-radical-confused person.”

– From a very good article on Fr. Groeschel in the New York Times

This reminds me of some things that Michael & Katerina have been saying lately.


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Writer. Catholic. Fan of John Henry Newman and the Inklings.
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2 Responses to Fr. Groeschel on Liberalism/Conservatism

  1. flacie says:

    I think Fr. Groeschel has been reading Uncle Eric.

  2. flacie says:

    By the way, I have a book for you on the intellectual life that was on your wish list, so please don’t buy it (I had a Simple Orthodoxy for months, but never a) told you I had it because I couldn’t decide, b) got around to sending it and then you got it, at which point I decided that fate is circular like Goblet, or, rather ,the way that worked out). I will try to get the book ready to mail soon. A blessed Holy Week to you!

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