Cynthia Nielsen at Per Caritatem has a couple of interesting posts up on the medieval Muslim philosopher Avicenna, who, in many ways provided a basis for later Christian philosophers, including St. Thomas Aquinas.

Part 1
Part 2

Excellent reading, especially for those of us who aren’t all that familiar with Muslim philosophy.

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One Response to Avicenna

  1. flacie says:

    I keep forgetting you have this in addition to that horrid Xanga. OMW, a living female philosopher person. For me, it’s like spotting a caribou on the Serengeti.”If you say that each individual is a unified being, then you have to go with Aristotle’s picture, but then you can’t explain intellectuality. If you go with Plato, you can’t have a unity of the person.” Would you agree with the question, if so, what would you do with the problem?”

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